In conjunction with Earth Hour 2017, Uber Malaysia is partnering with WWF-Malaysia to bring sustainable mobility to Malaysians through the UberEco campaign. From 23 – 25 March 2017, request for UberEco in the Uber app to get a hybrid vehicle to your doorstep. For every ride taken on UberEco, Uber will donate a portion of the fare to support WWF-Malaysia’s forest conservation efforts.

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Forests play a crucial role in ensuring our continued existence. They provide critical environmental services – regulating water flow into our streams/rivers and moderating climatic change. Forests are also the largest storehouse of carbon after the oceans. When forests are destroyed by activities such as unsustainable logging and land conversion for agriculture, they release large quantities of CO2 and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere which contributes to climate change.

One-time: RM100

1 x two-inch bookmark made of recycled remnant wood and Forest Stewardship Council wood veneers

One-time: RM80

1 x WWF car sticker

Note: Donors contributing RM50 will receive a tax exemption receipt.

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