The Malayan sun bear, named for the golden crescent patch of fur on its chest, is the smallest among the eight species of bears found worldwide. It can be found in Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.

The Malayan sun bear’s omnivorous diet helps to keep forests healthy:
• By consuming a large variety of fruit species, they help to disperse seeds.
• Since termites are their primary food source, they keep termite populations in check, thus enabling tropical trees to grow and thrive.
• They dig for insects such as beetles and ants in the soil, which enhances the forest’s nutrient cycle through the mixing of rich and poor soil.
• They help create nesting sites for animals such as hornbills and flying squirrels by tearing open tree trunks to reach the honey inside.

Sadly, the Malayan Sun Bear is threatened by:
• Habitat loss due to forest conversion for urban development and monoculture plantations.
• Poaching; this adorable bear is cruelly killed and exploited for its bile, meat and bones.

Although WWF-Malaysia does not have a dedicated Sun Bear project, our conservation efforts that focus on species such as the Malayan Tiger benefit all the wildlife living in our forests. Your symbolic adoption will enable WWF-Malaysia to:
• Secure funds for monitoring and anti-poaching efforts
• Promote the protection of crucial habitats
• Build awareness and support for wildlife and forest conservation

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