Please allow us to introduce you to ‘Fearless’, a tigress that has occasionally reappeared on camera-traps over the past 10 years. She has raised at least five cubs. She is one of the first tigresses to be photographed by WWF-Malaysia’s camera-traps in Temengor Forest back in 2007.

We need your help to save ‘Fearless’ and other Malayan tigers. Threatened by poaching and habitat loss, there are thought to be as few as 250 Malayan tigers left in the wild.

Please help save our magnificent Malayan tigers and their forest habitat; your symbolic adoption will enable WWF-Malaysia to:

  • Secure funds for tiger monitoring and anti-poaching efforts
  • トラの行動の監視や反密猟活動の資金を得る。
  • Monitor the land-use change surrounding tiger habitats
  • トラ生息地周辺の土地利用の変更を監視する。
  • Increase awareness on the importance of tiger conservation
  • トラ保護の重要性への関心を高める。

As a donor you will receive:

  • 1 x tax exemption receipt
  • 税金控除受領書を1枚
  • 1 x cute plush toy
  • 可愛らしいぬいぐるみを一つ
  • 1 x eco-friendly bag
  • 環境に優しいバッグを一つ
  • 1 x tiger information card
  • トラ情報カード1セット
  • 1 x certificate
  • 証明書1枚

This tiger symbolic adoption is a meaningful gift for Christmas – you may dedicate the plush toy to your loved one by having their name on the certificate – and it will help enable WWF-Malaysia to save our tigers!

Please fill out the form below before 25 November 2017 to ensure that your plush toy will be delivered to you in time for Christmas.