2 x facemask - RM40 3 x facemask - RM55 5 x facemask - RM90 

WWF Together Possible Reusable Facemask (Bundle)


  • 2 x facemask – RM40
  • 3 x facemask – RM55
  • 5 x facemask – RM90

As movement restrictions around the country start easing and full vaccination rates increase,
let’s not forget that we are not yet returning to how things were before COVID-19.

Protect Yourself and Others Around You. Mask Up.

WWF emphasizes that 100% sustainable, non-medical facemasks and not single-use ones that potentially pose a threat to marine and wildlife habitats,
should be the go to choice of facemasks.

The Together Possible Facemask is made from 100% certified GOTS organic cotton and ensures comfort and breathability without restrictions.
The mask also comes with a drawstring organic cotton pouch to hold your mask and stays germ/virus- free when not using.

It is reusable and machine washable. Once the facemask reaches its life-limit, you may recycle it via a textile recycling centre.


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