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A Visual Celebration of Giant Pandas (Hard Cover Book)


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This coffee table book was written for WWF by Fanny Lai and Bjorn Olesen, both wildlife enthusiasts. They followed in the giant footsteps of the shy and enigmatic giant panda, and captured both adults and cubs on camera in close-up situations. Beautifully photographed, in rarely seen settings, the authors explain what makes the panda such a lovable icon, and why the public cannot have enough of this symbol of quiet hope for survival in a fast-changing planet.

Five years of research and photography went into A Visual Celebration of Giant Pandas. It has detailed information about the panda’s behaviour, including how it rears its young, and also describes, in words and vivid photography, other species in its habitat such as the red panda and snow leopard. The issue of ‘pandaplomacy’ is also addressed, with the arrival of pandas in Singapore in 2012 and their likely arrival in Malaysia in 2013.

Bonus features of the book includes insights into the chances of survival for the giant panda, and the efforts being made to preserve its habitat.

If you’re a wildlife enthusiast this one is a keepsake, collectors item you would not want to miss out on.
It would also make a perfect gift for a loved one that’s passionate about wildlife and conservation.