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URBAN TIGERS by Sliz De Silva


Sliz is an artist with a background in graffiti, architecture, design, and art direction. He’s been doing art full-time since 2011, founded ‘The Secret Hideout’ collective in KL and then co-founded ‘Rumah Studio’ collective in Penang. Since his career began, his art has taken him to exhibitions and events all across Malaysia, and also in Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, South Korea, and Vietnam. He consistently tries to execute his work by juxtaposing contradicting elements of chaos and control: to create with naive rawness half of the time, and a finessed touch to hold the rest. Winner of the UOB painting of the year award 2022, Sliz is still discovering new methods to tell a story.

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My tigers are inspired by the elements of graffiti and urban art. The granite stone texture becomes the canvas, and the contrasting orange gives a hint of our beloved true king of the jungle. However, the core visual element of a tiger/graffiti, which are their bold black stripes/lines, are missing — much like the tigers in our forests. Personally, I don’t think the disappearance of tigers in the wild is a puzzle at all, unlike the Rubik’s cube. Perhaps the real puzzle here is how long do we humans keep pretending like it is?