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TIGER IN NEED by Andrew Pok Chong Boon


This little tiger figurine is deliberately left bare to suggest they live in a condition that is constantly being deprived by human development. The body is partially wrapped in bandage to suggest a sense of wounded, and attention, care, help and protection are needed for the tiger. The piece attempted to launch an appeal to help preserving and protecting this endangered species.

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Pok is a contemporary artist, curator, PhD supervisor and art writer based in KL. His recent artworks were featured in ‘What you are the World is’ (KL, 2021), ‘Edge of the Wonderland’, Thailand Biennale (2018–19) and ‘Senses’ in Arts for the Neighbourhood (Singapore, 2019). His PhD thesis “The Mind of the Everyday in Contemporary Fine Art and Zen Buddhist Practice” explores the relationship between the everyday in art and Zen Buddhism practice. He is the co-founder of Studios Samasama (2017), SERFEST: Seni Rampai Festival, Kuala Lumpur (2018), and the former art collectives Artsemble (2015) and Yida (2020).

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FB : @PokChongBoonAndrew / @ ChongBoonPok
IG : @chongboonpok_ordinarymindart (artworks) /
@chong_pok (personal)