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THE TIGER DANCE by Wan Huzaifah


Wan Huzaifah is a doodle artist born in Ipoh, Perak. Further study Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art at Uitm Shah Alam.
He has been involved in Doodle Art since he was 15 years old and participated in art competitions and art events in various districts of Perak when he was 16 years old. His artwork was influenced by the culture that is in Malaysia. Many of his works highlight cheerfulness and happiness as important for all levels of society, regardless of race. He focuses on his own doodle style and has recently done some collaborations with some big brands in Malaysia.

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FB : @WanHuzaifah
IG : @wan.huzaifah

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The design has been inspired by the pattern used in the lion dance costume in the Chinese community in Malaysia. The Lion Dance requires cooperation in performing the dance and in Chinese belief, lions are considered protectors. These things become a reflection on us to work together to protect Tigers so that they do not become extinct in the future. In addition, the happy facial reaction displayed on the tiger’s face expresses their happiness with our kindness towards them