TIGER BUMP by Edward Low (Drawdelow)


Inspired by the famous over-the-counter pain relief balm we all grew up with.

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Edward Low aka Drawdelow, a hospitality graduate got to know designer toys in late 2016. Started MY Toy Hoard, a Malaysia based Designer Toy group in 2017 with 2 friends. From collecting toys slowly exploring into producing own toys. Inspired by puns and crazy things happening in daily life. Due to stress from work, started drawing things in derpy style under Poseetive 看開點 in attempt to create characters that bring positivity and joy to the world. Quit being a hotelier in Singapore after over a decade in 2021 due to pandemic and personal reasons to come home for good. Trying to pursue this crazy dream of growing the local designer toy community and also creating own brand.

Email : drawdelow@gmail.com
FB : @Drawdelow
IG : @drawdelow