The whole idea behind the piece is to bring the message that the tiger is not a toy/stop mishandling tiger hence I made the tiger look like it’s deformed and dirty covered in tags/paint as if it falls into the hands of naughty kids.
I tried to show this is how I perceive when tigers are tortured or pass around in the underground tigers trading market run by selfish adults.

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A graffiti writer & illustrator based in Kuala Lumpur, @ jefrjeff has been honing his skills since early 2012. Like most graffiti writers he is self-taught. Jefr started by marking his “tags” and “throwies” all over the city using any mediums available from paint markers to spraypaint and custom inks. Over the time he developed his own style and identity incorporating both letters and
characters into his work. Jefr particularly enjoys traveling a lot and painting walls abroad along with his friends. His ever evolving style pieces can be seen all over the city of Kuala Lumpur and overseas.

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IG : @jefrjeff