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SPACE TIGER by Azizah Hussain


Space Tiger in which is the ideas that will be the grand imagination for the production of this toy. The creative process for this project will be using the technique of “fluid art”, that uses various of medium, such as acrylic, glue tint, and accessories bead to highlight the vibe of the tiger that resides in the space. Starting from the title of this project, the color of Malaysian flag, and also the creative process for this toy, is already aligned with the patriotism spirit of the Malaysian. The image of the tiger that is shown in the title, play an important part in supporting Global Tiger Day.

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Azizah Hussain is a renown art teacher, while being a doodle activist in promoting Doodle art classes and doodle camp specifically in Klang Valley. She is also known in contributing doodle ideas in her field of expertise, which is an art for children.

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FB : @AzizahHussainMamazi
IG : @azye_doodict