Rosemary’s Elephant Canvas Bag


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The Pillars of Sabah 2.0 Series

Rosemary’s Elephant Canvas Bag

Celebrate Malaysia’s nature with this limited edition canvas bag with zipper featuring the elephant design by Rosemary, a Sabahan artist who painted a mural illustrating elephant for the Pillars of Sabah 2.0 project.

Rosemary’s Borneo Elephant artwork expresses WWF-Malaysia’s tagline: “Building a future in which humans live in harmony with nature”. Being a Telupid native, wildlife is close to Rosemary’s heart.

There are only about 2,000 Borneo elephants left in Sabah due to habitat loss, fragmentation and human-elephant conflict. See more here.


About the Designer – Rosemary Yvonne Marcus

Freelance artist, Rosemary, is from Telupid, Sabah. She was born hearing until she met with an accident that almost took her life when she was 1 1/2 years old. The mishap has affected her ability to hear and speak ever since.

Unlike most children with hearing impairment, Rosemary’s parents sent her to a regular school for her primary and secondary education. Instead of learning the sign language from a special school, her parents taught her how to lip-read and eventually began using their own sign language for communication at home.

When she was a teenager, Rosemary has the talent for art and painting, in particular Japanese manga. Her sister, Ann, subsequently discovered her exceptional talent and decided to send in her work to be published by Kreko Magazine. Rosemary’s work has gradually improved from then on. Thanks to the support of her family members, Rosemary has shown great courage and won many competitions both locally and abroad.

*Colors and size of the artwork may slightly vary in real-life*

Dimensions36 × 11 × 37 cm