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The silver tiger represents preciousness, elegance and grace-just like the tiger itself. The overall design is based on puzzle-like elements and symbols. It represents that efforts to save the tigers must be made with the support from everybody or organization such as the government, NGOs and individuals. Everyone must play their part and has their parts. The head of the tiger is still incomplete, representing there is still much to do to save our precious tigers. Some sides of the cube are complete, yet some are mixed and jumbled together. They represent efforts, awareness, and involvement are still
not fully reached in saving the tigers.

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Marty Woods is an artist based in Kuala Lumpur. He is known for his intricate lines and patterns in his work, and nature and animals are big influence in his works. He is also an internationally published art book author and Has authored 11 titles. Marty has been featured in Air Asia Travel 3Sixty, The Star and New Straits Times newspapers, BFM radio station, Color On Magazine and Tally Press. He was voted Top Doodler in Malaysia in 2016 and has collaborated with major brands such as Starbucks, Nespresso, Disney Malaysia, Shell, WWF, Faber-Castell, Artline and many more.

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FB : @Hellomartywoods
IG : @hellomartywoods