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Piet Mondrian by Leong Sen Yi


I’m using a complementary colour which is orange and blue colour for the part of the tiger except for the body part. I try to create the brush strokes to make it a more natural look also the tiger stripes come out with strong contrast. The colour of the body part is inspired by the artist Piet Mondrian’s artworks which is full of plane colour (red, yellow, blue) and interesting composition. I create my colour, which is more of light soft colour and mix with a black outline stroke.
Overall the concept of the artwork does not have many strong meanings inside but it was more impromptu for me as I painted this artwork.

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Born in 2000, Negeri Sembilan, currently living in Malacca city. Graduated from Dasein Academy of Arts, with a diploma in Fine Arts. I have loved painting since I was a kid; it was influenced by my parents who are artists that make ceramic pottery. Currently using oil painting for my artworks, surrealism is my art style and I want to create more art pieces in the future.

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