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THE NEW AGE by Thomas Powell


An artist from the United Kingdom specialising in painting, print making and sculpture. He has a gallery and studio
space at 45 Lebuh Melayu (45 Malay Street). When not completing projects on site he paints from home or in his studio. He has collaborated with the likes of IKEA, Netflix, Marvel, Four Seasons, WWF, Tiger Beer, The Balvenie and Otter Products (to name a few). His paintings on canvas have found their way all over the world and his murals can be seen in South East Asia,
Europe, and the Middle East.

Email :
FB : @Thomaspowellartist
IG : @thomaspowellartist

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We’re at a critical juncture in human civilization. Never before have we had the technology, resources,
manpower and absolute need to direct these towards a common goal, to combat climate change. He explores ways in which time is being wasted and positive changes are blocked by existing power structures,
simultaneously championing the current options we have for your collective situation. The way we know the world must change, we must rethink our shared experience and goals to revolve around improving everything for everyone in harmony with our
shared home, planet earth.