MOON THE TIGRESS by Diyana Azhari


Hi. I am Moon, an introvert tigress. I am very shy and keep hiding myself from seeing other tigers. I love to be alone but if I have friends, the circle will be small and I will be your best secret keeper ever! Even you can’t see my eyes because of my shyness, but I have cute pinky ears to let you know I will always be here to hear you. I look cold outside, but a truly soft inside. When others are sleeping at night, that’s my time to shine in the sky.

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Art is a part of my life. I love traditional arts so much. I was a fulltime art teacher in a studio and also homeschool art class teacher for 3 years. I really love to see kids enjoy their time working on their masterpieces. I also love to tell, teach and show kids how fun and stress-free art is. Acrylic paintings and colour pencil drawings are my favorite mediums out of all. Realistic, simple, and abstract are types of artworks that I surely love to do.

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IG : @diyana.artventure