Katcsy's Turtle Stainless Steel Tumbler


Volume: 500ml

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The Pillars of Sabah 2.0 Series

Katcsy’s Turtle Stainless Steel Tumbler

Celebrate Malaysia’s nature with this limited edition stainless steel tumbler featuring the turtle design by Katcsy, a Sabahan artist who painted a mural illustrating turtles for the Pillars of Sabah 2.0 project.

In this collaboration with WWF-Malaysia, Katcsy aims to increase environmental awareness. She would like her sea turtle themed artwork to be served as a reminder of the beauty of our ocean and our ongoing efforts in its preservation.

The Green Turtle is among one of the endangered species in Borneo. Green Turtle is listed as an endangered species in the world based on IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. The main reason why the Green Turtle is endangered are habitat loss due to pollution and coastal development, excessive over-harvesting of their eggs, poaching of adult turtles and being caught in fishing gears.We must work together to save this species. See more here.


About the Designer – Katcsy

As an artist, Katcsy is passionate about connections through visual storytelling. Part of her process before she begins creating is to pinpoint what emotional responses she aims to invoke and to identify the intended audience group.

Katcsy is a Sandakan born and raised, aspiring comic artist.