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THE KAKKOI by MokCik Gemok


Kakkoi means handsome in Japanese, just like these tigers are. All that I could say is that when I’m designing this tiger all was based on spontaneous art sense. Mainly I use acrylic paint to cover up the whole tiger body. Using yellow, blue, purple, green, pink and white paint to make a simple pattern and ‘ Mokcik Gemok’ put the signature detail in style colouring. Lastly, diamond glitter was placed all over the tiger’s body to make it look more shining, shimmering and splendid. It sounds like an Aladdin song.

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Mokcik Gemok is a freelance independent artist/illustrator based in Selangor. She established herself as a brand called ‘Mokcik Gemok’ in 2016. Her style is well known for her choice of colour, mostly colorful and the details on each artwork she made. Last year Mokcik Gemok launched her own book ‘Mari Melukis’ for all ages, aiming for people to take a break from gadgets and be creative and also think outside the box.

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FB : @MokcikGemok
IG : @mokcik_gemok