FLORAL TIGER PART 1 by Aimman Hafizal


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Two lovely couple tiger toys, with the decorative floral painted on box as represent save and protect our ecosystem. Tigers are very significant in the food chain and ecosystems of human nature. If it disappears, then the ecosystem will be damaged and slowly threatens human stability.

Born on 14th September 1995, from Muar, Johor. Aimman Hafizal, obtained MA of Fine Art & Technology from UiTM Jalan Othman Petaling Jaya (2019), Bachelor in Fine Art (Hons.) from UiTM Shah Alam (2018), and Diploma in Fine Art, from UiTM Seri Iskandar, Perak (2016). He has attained a certain level of success with this approach, winning the Major Award for Anugerah Seni MIDF 2017, and also won Best Technical Art for Energy Present & Future for Petronas Art Competition, Petronas Gallery. In addition, he has participated a residency program at Saung Banon Arts, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Actively participate on locally
and internationally art exhibition such as Sanggar Bambu dan Lingkaran Persahabatan Exhibition at Yogyakarta Indonesia, CARCA-MARBA Exhibition at Core Design Gallery and Bebas, Artas 2nd Anniversary Exhibition at Artas Gallery Damansara.

Email : aimmanhafizal@gmail.com
FB : @AimmanHafizal
IG : @aimmanhafizal