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FLORA & FAUNA by Looi Mun Loong


I’m a publications designer but have been involved in the Malaysian graffiti scene for over a decade. With the skills and styles I’ve acquired over the years, I’m looking to expand, explore and experiment around by implementing it into different forms. As most people have mentioned while passing by as I paint graffiti, they’re more attracted to the colours than the letters itself so I’m excited and looking forward to applying it to various mediums in the future!

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If the poaching of the tigers were to continue, the possibility that they’ll be extinct in the coming years like the white rhinos will increase dramatically. Once that happens, my interpretation of where we’ll be able to see these tigers once again are as described below. One such place we’ll be able to find them is in the ground buried under the flora and fauna. And once they begin to decompose, we’ll only be able to find them in “space” as their body matter will disperse into space. I’ve interpreted space, soil, flora and fauna with the colours applied onto the tigers in my style of painting which I’ve developed over the years through graffiti.