KL-based multidisciplinary artist, whose creative practice strongly emphasizes a sense of play. Teebai has a
background in animation and previously worked as a BG Prep Artist on films like Alvin and the Chipmunks and Life of Pi at Rhythm and Hues, an award-winning visual effects studio. Following that experience as a digital artist, he later created his own successful t-shirt label, before venturing into full-time art-making in 2016. Teebai’s keen interest in art as a young child shaped the development of his current practice, which contains exploratory elements of fun and dives into kitschy
and satirical commentary. His diverse portfolio includes painting, sculptural and video works.

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“Dead”, there are 150 collectible tigers printed, but less than 150 real tigers available. I would like to dedicate my collectible tiger to the dead tiger. I remove the tiger’s head and tail because I felt that this project is 无头无尾. Most of us are well informed that
animals are in danger and also the ways to maintain the habitat, but it doesn’t seems like it is our main interest, the rate of forest removal has shown no sign of slowing down. Complex yet simple problem. Lastly I hope as a collective, we can do this. I use copper and aluminium wire to sculpt the flower bonsai teebai.