THE DANCING KING 2 by Microwig


The art of hair rooting is the art of stimulating life to man-made figurine / collectibles. These techniques – similar to hair planting, are painstakingly done by hand by trying to imitate a real hairstyles as close as possible. For Microwig, these techniques are applied onto small scaled figurine and therefore gives out a more realistic outlook to the lifeless figurine. And thus, the motto ‘Never estimate the power of a good hair.

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I hope to deliver the “Global Tiger Day” conservation message through the whimsical tiger dance. We all know Malaysia is a country with beautiful tropical rainforest. There are tigers in our national emblem as well. I believe this land is definitely suitable for the creation of tiger dance!

A yellow furry body with tiger stripes leaps up onto the stilts effortlessly, as if it is gravity-defying while dancing to the rhythms of beating drums. It is not the usual Chinese Lion in an array of colours that society is familiar with. Instead, it is the dancing “king” – a tiger who has returned to people’s vision after years. The tiger, looking fierce with its pair of bushy eyebrows are a little similar to angry birds, is instead endearing with its pair of blinking eyes and smiley-looking while it shows its cute white fangs