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CAGED TIGER by Yeoh Wen Jun


I’m a final year student of Taylor’s University and also the creator of Junny Studio. Junny Studio started from an illustration Husky called Junny. To avoid wasting time and to express my feelings/emotions, I decided to start my own designer toys series which is called the JA series. JA stands for Junny Armor and I designed JA01 for my 3D modelling class. After JA01, JA02 was designed and created into designer toys. JA02 is like a template for me to express my feelings/emotion. More versions of JA will be designed in the future.

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The tiger needs help! The artist was watching Two Brothers (2004) to get inspired. There is a scene of a cub being caught by the hunter and it was so helpless. The artist hopes the future owner of this artwork will help the tiger to get out of the cage before it fades away.