Donation above RM350 will receive a limited edition handcrafted bangle by Penan artisans.

The bangles are made with love and care by the Penan artisans from resources found in the forest. Each design is burned onto the rattan manually using ember from burning wood. No two designs alike!

** Only one handcrafted bangle per donation and the design will be chosen at random. While stocks last. 

Sarawak Conservation Programme

WWF-Malaysia Sarawak Conservation Programme turns nine, this year! We are working together with governments, businesses and communities on various projects such as protected areas, responsible forestry and community engagement.

Sustainable Forest Management project

One of our conservation efforts in Sarawak is the Sustainable Forestry Management (SFM). SFM centers on forestry practices that allow us to meet our current needs while giving future generations the chance to meet theirs.

The project area spans about 360,000 hectares in Sarawak, covering multiple forest management units, between Mulu National Park and Pulong Tau National Park. This forest connectivity is important because it allows wildlife to roam, eat and breed between one forest to the other.

The SFM project is also an integral part of our Heart of Borneo Corridor Initiative.

Map of project region in Sarawak

What is Heart of Borneo?

  • It is a transboundary effort between Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia
  • It covers more than 22 million hectares of tropical rainforest across the three countries.

What’s the aim?
To conserve the amazing variety of flora and fauna for the benefit of the people who rely on it for their livelihood.

How will it be done?
Through a network of protected areas, sustainable management of forests and other sustainable land uses.

Here are some of the ways on how your donation will be used:

Efforts Details
Creating and maintaining wildlife corridor connectivity We are working with stakeholders in key areas to identify corridors for wildlife.
Advocating for increased coverage of protected areas We are identifying priority conservation areas in Sarawak to assist the Sarawak government in conserving these areas
Empowering communities in sustainable management of resources We are helping communities by empowering them. For example, forming a community platform for them to share their concerns with stakeholders and effectively co-manage the forest and resources.

Let’s get to know the Penan community!

♦ Population: About 700 Penans
♦ Location: Kubaan-Puak Forest Management Unit in Sarawak
♦ The Penans depend on the forest for various basic needs:-


Tools – traditional blowpipe and poison darts

Food – wild sago, tapioca, fish and edible fruits

Wild rattan to make handicrafts