Grab chooses WWF as new beneficiary on loyalty programme for World Wildlife Day

This World Wildlife Day, Grab announced, WWF (the World Wide Fund for Nature) as a new beneficiary of  of its loyalty programme – GrabRewards. This collaboration will support WWF’s efforts to raise awareness and funds towards endangered wildlife that are endemic to South-east Asia’s ecosystem. For the next three months, Grab users from eight markets in South-east Asia will have a chance to exchange their loyalty points accumulated from using Grab services for donations that will contribute to the conservation of these animals that have faced major decline in recent years.


These species include the Malayan tiger, Irrawaddy dolphin, Asian elephant, and the tamaraw which are a species of buffalos native to the Philippines. The loss of any of these species in their habitat will influence one or more other species down the line, bringing instability to biodiversity in the immediate area and will cause a potentially drastic domino effect to resources like food supplies.

WWF will be listed as a beneficiary within Grab’s app in the following markets: Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Make a RM5 donation to help protect nature and wildlife.

Did you know there were around 3000 Malayan tigers in the wild in the 1950s?

Now, there are less than 200 left.

Will you help save our remaining tigers?

The Malayan tiger appears on the Malaysian Coat of Arms, and also on the national football team logo. They are the symbol of strength and bravery; apex predators that ensure the balance of the forest ecosystem. Poaching is the most critical threat to the survival of Malayan tigers.

Help support this project by going into your Grab app now and exchange your 600 points for RM5 donation for wildlife.

For more information, or if you interested in exploring a similar partnership with WWF-Malaysia, please contact Melissa Peterson at