From shrinking glaciers to rising sea levels, climate change is affecting nature and people everywhere. The longer we wait to take action, the more it will cost to adapt to and mitigate the impact of climate change.

Melting glacier, Antarctica

YOUR DONATION TODAY will enable us to continue with our various climate change initiatives such as:-

  • Forest ecosystem protection
    WWF aims to assist Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia to conserve the Heart of Borneo which is a total of 240,000 sq km of equatorial rainforests. WWF projections indicate that if the island of Borneo continues at its current rate of deforestation, it will be severely affected by climate change through the increased risk of floods and forest fires.
  • Coral Triangle Initiative for the marine environment

Coral Triangle is home to 76% of the world’s coral reef species, 37% of the world’s reef fish species, whales, dolphins, rays, sharks and six of the world’s seven marine turtle species. Only the Amazon comes close to rivaling the Coral Triangle for species richness.

However, the Coral Triangle is at risk from degradation due to unsustainable fishing, poorly planned development, pollution, population growth and the effects of climate change. These splendid reef systems will disappear if these threats continue to increase in intensity and frequency.

As such, WWF supports the Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries, and Food Security (CTI) which was initiated by six governments to conserve the extraordinary marine life of this region. The vision for this initiative is for the Coral Triangle to remain vibrant and healthy, providing habitat, food and livelihoods for generations to come.

  • Working with Business & Industry (B&I) towards building a climate smart, green economy
    WWF-Malaysia has recently set up its Market Transformation Initiative (MTI) to engage with private sector companies in innovative and challenging transformational partnerships to help them change the way they do business, to reduce their environmental footprint, and to encourage change and sustainable solutions.
    As B&I’s consumption of natural resources in their daily activities is significant, it is essential that changes are made in corporate practices to ensure sustainable use of natural resources.

Thanks to previous contribution from donors like you, WWF has been able to support the government’s initiative in coming close to gazetting Tun Mustapha Park in Sabah as a protected area to ensure food security while meeting conservation objectives. Your contribution has helped us a lot, but the NEED IS STILL GREAT!




Your generous donation today, no matter how small, will go towards our various climate change initiatives