The Kuba’an Puak Coffee Table Book

Presenting our limited edition coffee table book entitled The Kuba’an Puak Story: Journey Towards a Green Corridor that will be yours for a minimum one-time donation of RM350.

This impressive book chronicles the lives of the Penan as it beautifully captures their interesting lifestyle, wonderful natural surroundings and engaging excerpts from the communities themselves. Enjoy discovering these and many more inspiring moments when you explore this limited edition coffee table book.

Save our critically endangered orangutans

Orangutans are one of the most AT-RISK wildlife. Your donation today will help us give orangutans a fighting chance and a hopeful future.

Scientific name: Pongo pygmaeus (Bornean orangutan)

Status: Critically endangered

Food: Fruits, young leaves, bark and insects

Lifecycle: In the wild, orangutans can live up to 50 years

Breeding rate: Slowest reproducing species in the world, usually giving birth to just one infant every six to eight years

Importance: Gardener of the forest – helps spread the plant seeds. They eat fruit, seeds come out in their droppings and as they travel, they spread the seeds into a broader place. If the seeds fall to the fertile ground, the seeds will grow into a new tree. 

Rapid developments and conversion of land are causing these agile tree-climbing mammals to live in degraded and isolated patches of forests where food and shelter are limited.

What is WWF-Malaysia doing to address these threats?

Here are how your donation today will be instrumental in our orangutan conservation works:-

  • Forest restoration efforts – restoring the degraded land with native and fast-growing tree species.
  • Building ecological corridors – ecological corridors facilitate the movement of orangutans and other species between isolated patches of forest to find food, shelter and mates. We have identified nine ecological corridors requiring connectivity, with at least four being crucial to the orangutan survival in Sabah.
  • Conducting surveys – estimating orangutan population by conducting ground nest surveys and aerial nest surveys using either a fixed-wing drone or a helicopter

One-Time – Save Borneo Elephant (Telemarketing)

Thank You Pack

We’ll send you:

  • 1 x cute six-inch elephant plush toy
  • 1 x limited edition eco-friendly bag (colour may vary from the photo)
  • 1 x thank you card
  • Quarterly Green Heart magazines
  • A tax exemption receipt

Monthly – Save Borneo Elephant (Telemarketing)

Thank You Pack

We’ll send you:

  • 1 x cute six-inch elephant plush toy
  • 1 x limited edition eco-friendly bag (colour may vary from the photo)
  • 1 x thank you card
  • Quarterly Green Heart magazines
  • A tax exemption receipt*

*every beginning of the year, for donations received over the preceding months up to December.


Save the Heart of Borneo!

Borneo rainforest is one of the oldest rainforest in the world and home to amazing biodiversity. Your heartfelt donation today will help WWF-Malaysia in its vital Heart of Borneo Corridor Initiative to protect the green lungs of Borneo.

Three nations protecting one heart, the Heart of Borneo! In 2007, the three governments in Borneo – Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia and Malaysia signed the Heart of Borneo (HoB) Declaration, committing to conserve and sustainably manage 22 million hectares of tropical forest on the island. WWF has been playing a key role in assisting these three governments in establishing a continuous forest belt across Borneo.

However, conserving more than 22 million hectares of forest is no easy task. Deforestation and illegal loggings area rapidly degrading forests and threatening the livelihood of over 11 million people as well as the survival of endangered species. With more and more forest being broken up into smaller patches, it is making it harder for our wildlife to survive.

WWF is working with the HoB governments, communities and businesses to achieve a green, healthy and sustainable Borneo. By donating to our Heart of Borneo Corridor Initiative, you will be helping WWF-Malaysia in the following ways:-

  • Building wildlife corridors to help link protected forests. For instance, having wildlife corridors that connect North Kalimantan to Sabah help to ensure that the Borneo elephants have protected corridors to traverse through for years to come.
  • Planting gaharu (Aquilaria microcarpa) on community’s degraded land to demonstrate that gaharu tea can provide a competitive alternative to rubber and oil palm without having to clear forests.
  • Protecting water catchment areas. For instance, conducting river water quality monitoring to address river pollution caused by indiscriminate dumping in Long Semadoh Highlands

The Heart of Borneo Corridor Initiative has been making some great progress over the years. Here are some of the highlights of our conservation achievements:-

  • 13,810 hectares of Maliau Basin Conservation Area in Sabah was reclassified from Class II (production) to Class I (protection) Forest Reserve. This improved protection status of the buffer zone means that the core conservation area is further enhanced against threats such as poaching, encroachment and fires.
  • Sarawak has committed to set aside 11,600 hectares for orangutan habitat and conservation area, where no logging activities will be carried out.

Thank you to donors like you for your continuous support!