Bornean elephants are found mostly in the Malaysian state of Sabah. This makes Sabah home to the world’s smallest known sub-species of elephants.

Sadly, Bornean elephants are:
• Losing their habitat due to displacement by large scale agriculture and plantations.
• Coming into more contact with people thus increasing human elephant conflict due to loss and fragmentation of forests.

These endemic Bornean elephants are losing their homes and families. With only about 2,040 of them left in the wild in Borneo, urgent and continuous actions need to be performed in order to conserve these gentle giants.

Symbolically adopt an elephant today and help WWF to:
• Conduct elephant satellite collaring to identify their key space requirements and to reduce future conflict.
• Establish wildlife corridors to connect fragmented habitats.
• Promote coexistence between humans and wildlife.
• Collaborate with government and non-government agencies on wildlife surveys, research and capacity building for protected area management.

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