Borneo’s magnificient elephants are facing threats to their survival 

Over the past four decades, 40% of forest cover in Sabah – where most Bornean elephants are, has been lost to logging, conversion for plantations, and human settlements. Shrinking forests bring the elephants into more frequent contact with people, increasing human-elephant conflicts. 


  • An optional 6-inch cuddly elephant soft toy that represents your commitment and support for Bornean elephants. 
  • 1x Eco-friendly bag 
  • A  welcome pack with an elephant thank you card. 
  • Subscription to WWF-Malaysia’s conservation magazine Green Heart.  
  • For a limited time only receive WWF’s wildlife coloring book and a set of 3 WWF’s button badges.
  • Regular updates from the field on the impact of your ongoing support.  
  • Annual tax-exempt receipt 
  • Stunning calendar, wallpaper and other downloadables . 
  • Exclusive event invites 


Wildlife adoption like yours will give a huge boost to our work. They help fund our work, protect elephant habitat, and address human-elephant conflict. Here’s what we’re doing to protect the Bornean elephants:

  • Protecting key habitats and restoring connections between fragmented forests where elephants live. 
  • Working with governments, industries, and local communities to reduce conflict between people and wildlife. 
  • Using science and research-based data to influence policy and legislation to benefit elephant conservation. 
  • Purchase costly field equipment like satellite collars, fund field teams’ wages, training costs, and more.  

Please make a symbolic adoption to help protect and save our Bornean elephants today. 

Monthly Gift for Malayan Tigers

Save Our Malayan Tigers MONTHLY DONATION Thank You Pack We’ll send you:1. A thank you gift* (varies according to donation amount shown below)2. A Certificate

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